A Burger King World

Burger King

Having it your way is great when choosing a burger, but if used as a foundation for living, this saying can have terrible consequences.

Whether speaking of their old slogan, “Have It Your Way” or the new “Be Your Way” one thing is certain, Burger King is in touch with who their customers are and what they want. Not just with their lunch, but with their life as a whole.

People want the world to be what they want it to be. They want whatever will make their life better, their life easier, and their life more enjoyable. They want and expect the world to be their way…or else.

They say that their cause (whatever that may be on any given day) is for ‘the people’. What people exactly? The people who are just like them? What about the people who are not like them? The people who don’t want to live in an ‘everything-goes’ world. What about them? If all these causes are for ‘the people’, then shouldn’t all people be considered?

Just because something feels right, doesn’t mean that it is right. A right can be wrong, and right now we are living in a world filled with wrong rights – Rights that those living now and those to come will have to pay for.

Most rights are not free. They come with consequences. We can’t have it our way all the time without expecting some type of repercussions down the road.

We don’t raise our children with the mindset that they can and should have everything their way, so why should we expect that for ourselves? We need rules. We need laws. We need limits.

Without limits we will become lawless. Lawlessness leads to chaos. Chaos leads to destruction.

If we’re truly fighting to make this world a better place, then we may want to spend a little more time considering the future impact of our actions and a little less time following the crowd.


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