This is America – Accept it Or Leave


When you choose to move to America, you also choose to accept that our laws and societal expectations will be different from those that you may have been accustomed to.

For example, we in the United States of America, do not live by Sharia law…

Minneapolis Muslims wary of man trying to enforce Sharia

The laws in America do not prohibit us from showing our arms or our legs. There is no law that mandates that women must wear hijabs or burkas. Women are allowed to drive their own car, by themselves. They are also allowed to shop alone. Also, as long a person is over the age of 21, they are allowed by law to drink alcohol.

When you move to America you accept our laws. What you don’t do, is move here with the mindset that you will change our country into the one you just left.

If you want America to be like your home country, then why did you come here? You should have stayed where you were.

This is America. If you don’t like our laws, then you are more than welcome to leave.

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